Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Woman stabs foot during ritual

I just read a news article about a woman stabbing her foot with a sword during a Wiccan Ceremony. You can read the article here.

Woman runs sword into foot...

What I don't understand is why do this ritual in a cemetery? Even though the article doesn't bash Wicca, the fact that they were performing the ritual in a cemetery could feasibly lead to more misinformation about Wiccans. I can hear it now, "Wiccans must be evil, they perform their ceremonies in cemeteries. They must be doing black magic", etc.

Of course, I could be wrong and nothing will come of this.


Baker Watson said...

I found this interesting in the article:

"Gunther said she was performing the ceremony to give thanks for a recent run of good luck."

I guess you could say she put an end to that run of good luck, lol.

And thanks for coming by and commenting on GG's very first blog post. I'm sure she is excited by the sweet comments she has gotten.

Tammy said...

LOL, I didn't think of that Baker.

I enjoy reading about the pond next door and GG did a good job with her post.

Gran said...

I read this article, Tammy, and wondered the same thing. Thanks for posting about it.

Wayne said...

Yeah, so much for that good luck huh! Glad they didn't get into bashing too, it's actually a nice religion.

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