Thursday, July 17, 2008

Walmart: The good stuff

Walmart gets a lot of bad press, and the Gods know I do my own share of venting.

Here is some of the good about the company.

Walmart has what they call an Open Door policy. This means that any associate that has a problem can go to a supervisor or management and make a complaint or talk about their problem. I like that, I don't have to go a third party and talk to them and then have them do my talking for me. I know the open door works because I have used it.

You know those little paper balloons the cashiers ask if you want to purchase for CMN? Well the money from those balloons goes to the Children's Network Hospital nearest to your Walmart. All the money raised from the balloons at my Walmart goes to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Portland, Maine.

Aside from the donations from customers for CMN, our store also has silent auctions, and bake sales for associates with the proceeds going to CMN.

Walmart has an associates in critical need fund. If your an an associate and you have a critical need you can talk to your personnel manager and get some help. Having never had the need to use it, I do not know exactly what is considered a critical need.

We support Relay for Life and our store has two teams.

Our store donates thousands of dollars every year to local causes.

The people, it doesn't matter what area you work in, there are no boundaries, people pull together to help each other, at work and outside of work.

If it weren't for our local Walmart many more people in our area would be unemployed.


Gran said...

Tammy, I've been a Walmart customer for years--like all things in this world, people and retail stores have their good and bad points!

Tammy said...

Oh, I know that. I do my share of venting about Walmart. I just get tired of all the negative press. I very rarely see any press that talks about the good that Walmart does.

Gran said...

Like offering inexpensive things for people, like me, who don't make a lot of money! I just take care of myself, but when you have children, they need to be clothed and fed, and the low prices at Walmart really helps people take care of their families. It's good to know that Walmart does so many great things!

Mae said...

True, Walmart brings some good things in the communties...My one stop shop.

Rose DesRochers said...

Tammy, gran is right. All stores have good and bad qualities. I',m glad you enjoy where you work.

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