Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A pig in the bed and lambs in the pantry

The year was 1992 and we were living 6 miles from Lavina, MT. Lavina is a very small town (pop. around 200) 50 miles away from Billings, MT. Our home included a barn, pig pen, chicken coop and a small pasture and a large garden area. It was ideal for me because I wanted to raise our own food. My (ex)husband worked with a man that raised pigs, he had a new litter. We had talked about getting a weaner pig from him when the piglets were ready. One day he brought home a very small piggy. She was the runt and couldn't compete well with her larger litter mates. We had a wood stove in the bedroom and made her a bed behind it so she would stay warm and I bought some baby formula and baby cereal to feed her. My boys were told told that when she grew up she would be butchered and would be dinner. They started calling her Dinner and that became her name.

A few weeks later I was given a lamb. He wasn't expected to live, but if I wanted to try I could have him. He had something wrong with his neck so that he had trouble standing. He looked like he was dizzy and we named him Dizzy. Dizzy had to be kept warm and in a small area where he couldn't hurt himself so he lived in our pantry.

Now as Dinner grew she got adventurous and started exploring. It was getting difficult to keep her in the bedroom, if I shut the bedroom door she would stand there and squeal which set my dogs off barking. I was thinking that it was probably time to put her out in the pig pen but was reluctant to do it because she was still so small. I changed my mind about putting her out when I woke up one morning and had 3 dogs and one small pig in my bed. If she could climb up onto the bed she was old enough to go outside.

Dizzy also flourished and grew. He over came his dizziness and was able to move out to the barn.


Rose DesRochers said...

My daughter once wanted a pot belly pig. Do you have any pictures of dinner? lol

Tammy said...

No, I don't. Dec. 7, 1993 our house burned down.

Baker Watson said...

I guess your experience with Dinner brought a whole new meaning to 'pig in the blanket', lol.

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the house burning down. We lost a lot of pictures and such years ago when the house they were temporarily stored at (during a change in location) burned down.

Tammy said...

LOL @ at your pig in the blanket comment Baker.

House fires can be devastating. That was the first of two. No one was home except our dogs, and we lost them. March 26, 1998 we had a second one. This one started at 1:00 am. Luckily, we all got out except for two dogs, they were accidentally got shut in the bedroom. When I realized they were still inside I started to go back after them and my son pulled me back.

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