Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcome to_________now go home

I'm from Montana. Most native Montanans do not like Californians. They come to the state to escape the rat race and instead bring it with them. They drive up the costs of land and housing so that many native Montanans can't afford to buy. I have seen many bumper stickers telling Californians to go home.

I have lived in Maine for 4 years. In that time, I have found that many native Mainers feel the same way about 'people from away' particularly those from Massachusetts. If you are 'from away' you always will be, now matter how long you have lived here. I have seen a bumper sticker that says "Welcome to Maine, now go home". Maine is Vacationland, it says so on the license plates. Tourist season brings a lot of money into the state and many businesses rely on the tourists. If you run a retail business, a resort or hotel, you are happy to see the tourists, they equal sales. If you have to drive any where you are not happy to see them, they clog the roads with traffic. People from Massachusetts also come here and buy land and houses and drive the costs up.

I have to wonder if all states feel the same way about out of staters moving in.

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Wayne said...

Well, being in California isn't much of a treat. If you don't know Spanish, you won't last very long in some parts.

We are flooded with illegal immigrants, which I happen to be quite against. Do it legally if you are going to pack up and move.

I think other states are seeing us Californian's and people from other states migrate because of the flood of immigrants from across the border. At least, it really changes the landscape of the cities and towns, enough to make living in Montana, Washington, Oregon or Idaho seem like a great idea.

Personally, I want to move somewhere and isolate myself from the city...I'm ready for rural living...

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