Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fur and Feathers

Our furred and feathered family members can be a source of comfort, a reason to laugh, provide entertainment and at times bring pain.

Of course you've met the degus before. After several different name changes we finally settled on Speedy and Rocky. They are not afraid of the cat and if they don't want him near them they will make a hissing type sound and stomp their feet at him. Speedy is still unsure about us but Rocky is getting friendlier. Now when I feed them he will come up to me and sometimes I can actually touch him. They love to rearrange their cage, and they are strong. We have their pellets in a heavy ceramic dish and they often move it to the center of their cage. Their sweet potatoes go into a small blue plastic dish, it is also fairly heavy and they throw it all over the place including putting it up on top of their house. They sing to each other, they cuddle up and make this noise that sounds like they are singing.

Meet Squizzels and PJ. We didn't name them, they came to us with those names. They were 4 and 5 years old when we got them and we have had them for 3 years. When we got them I went online to learn about cockatiels, the websites said that they like fruit and vegetables for treats. Well, our's don't, they do however like scrambled eggs and kix cereal. They also know when it is Saturday and are extremely noisy until their shows are turned on. They really seem to enjoy That's So Raven and Hannah Montana. They are quiet the whole time those shows are on and sit in their cage and listen to the t.v. PJ and Squizzels love to have a spray bottle shower (not the same bottle we use on Winston).
This is Winston. He looks nice and sweet and when he wants to be he is. The trouble with Winston is that most of the time he doesn't want to be. He can go from giving a cuddle and purring to holy terror in 30 seconds or less. Sometimes I swear he has a split personality. Winston has his own toys, but his favorite things to play with are straws and small toys that he steals out of my stepson's toy box. He is sure that he is king and all the rest of us are his subjects and if he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it (which is often) he tries to punish us with his claws. Of course that is when we reach for the spray bottle with water and vinegar in it. We tried plain water but that didn't work. He's pretty sure that part of his job is to check on the birds and degus. The birds tell on him when he gets too close, one will squawk and the other will hiss at him. They could bite him but they don't.

Well that's about it for our furred and feathered family members.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Red Barn

I finished this piece just before I did the butterfly, it just took me awhile to actually take a photo so I could post it. 9x12 soft pastel and pastel pencils, on Kitty Wallis paper. Hope you like it. The reference photo came from Wet Canvas reference library.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted Today,

Did You? If you didn't, get out there and vote. Even if the polls say your candidate is in the lead, so you think you don't have to vote, because he will win without your vote, get out there and vote. If enough people think that way and act on it, then your candidate could possibly lose because people didn't take the time to vote, thinking that his winning was inevitable.

You don't like either presidential candidate? Go vote anyway, there are always local and State elections and questions that need to be voted on. Make your statement by leaving the presidential ballot blank.

Just vote, deal with the bad weather (if you have bad weather), deal with the long lines, put up with problems with the machines...make your voice heard, Vote!
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