Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring's Promise

Well the weather here in Maine has been fairly nice lately, unless you count the rain. But I'm not going to complain about rain just yet, at least it isn't that dreaded white stuff aka snow.

Everything is starting to green up nicely. The trees, although not full, are leafing out and soon we will be able to plant flowers and vegetable gardens.

We have already been out playing croquet and bar-b-quing and are planning on going fishing Saturday.

But, maybe you are wondering about the title. Spring's Promise is that the hot lazy days of summer will soon be here. Days of swimming in the lake or walking along the beach looking for seashells. Days of camping with friends or just laying about the back yard in a hammock or lounge chair. Days of enjoying the flower garden that you have decorated so nicely with little garden figurines.

One thing we can always count on is that Spring will keep her promise.


Rose DesRochers said...

I can't say I'm looking forward to the hot weather Summer brings.


Tammy said...

I would rather have to hot weather that Summer brings than the freezing cold that Winter brings.

Of course by August I'll probably be complaining about the heat.

Anonymous said...

spring and fall are good.

Ricky said...

Oh Spring has sprung here! A couple of 80 degree days already, and I've mowed the lawn four times already!

Gillybean said...

Hiya love! Anu here aka Gilly. Spring has sprung here in the UK too ... have sorted out all my patio flowers and hanging baskets, been regularly mowing the lawns.

Glad I did the patio pots rather than direct planting as we've decided to sell the house and move elsewhere in the village ... if it happens soon rather than later, can at least take my plants with me!!! x

Ruth AKA CT said...

Hi Tamms!
Ruth (CT) here. So glad to hear from you at last.

Spring has sprung here and it is scorching hot recently.

Just good luck that it is nice and we hope it stays like that while we move next week.


Sera said...

Wow, guys, it's great to hear from all of you, it has been ages.

Cheryl said...

seems we skipped spring altogether here in florida- 90+ temps are killing me

Garden is about ready to be revamped the heat is takingits toll- we have to pull the tomatoes we they just start to turn or they stew on the vine.

Tammy its so good to here from you again.

Sera said...

Wow, Cher, it's still too cold to even plant a garden here.

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