Friday, May 16, 2008

The pagan within

If you saw me on the street you would have no idea that I'm pagan. I don't wear a pentacle. I certainly don't dress all in black with black lipstick and finger nail polish, in fact I don't wear any makeup, I have never felt the need to. I am very put off by the kids that dress in goth like style and claim to be pagan. It seems to me that for them the claim is just for the shock factor. Of course I could be wrong about that, but that is the impression I have gotten from the few that I have met.

I know several pagans both in person and online that are like me and dress like normal people. They aren't out to shock people.

I am not Wiccan. I do not necessarily celebrate the Wiccan Sabbats. I have never understood why the equinoxes and solstices are considered minor Sabbats, they affect me much more than the Major Sabbats do.

I quietly go about my life following my own spirituality. I say spirituality not religion because I don't consider it to be a religion. It is my way of life, whether I am doing magic (yes I left off the 'k') or at work, painting, fishing, cooking or praying. I am a pagan every hour of every day.

If one were to ask me what makes me pagan I would have to say I believe in both a God and Goddess. I belive in reincarnation, I believe that there are ethereal beings out there that can help us or hinder us, and it is up to the individual to either accept the help from the helpful entities or remove the hindering entities. I believe that I make my own reality, sometimes I just don't know why I make the reality that I am living.

There are probably more reasons why I consider myself pagan, but at the moment I can't come up with them and I think I have listed enough.

Just remember that you can't know someone just by looking at them.

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