Saturday, December 13, 2008

This Year's Card

Last year I painted a picture and decided to use it for my Christmas card for the special people in my life. It was a big hit so I continued my new tradition this year.
Since you, my dear readers, are special people to me I am sharing this card with all of you. I hope you enjoy it.

A home full
of happiness,
laughter and memories,
friendships rekindled,
hearts filled
with joy . . .
May these be your treasures
at Christmas time.

May the Light shine upon you through the New Year.



Graceanne Grateful said...

Dear Tammy, What a beautiful card and thanks for sharing it with us.
thank you for stopping by my Photo Hunt and am glad you liked the spring pictures.
I think you will enjoy sending your own original Christmas cards. I have been doing that for over 35 yrs. now and loved ones & friends love them.
I did paint a picture of the pond for my card some years ago; maybe I'll post it on our blog for Christmas.
You have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.
In HIS love, Graceanne :)

Tammy said...

Thank you for stopping by, Graceanne. I always enjoy stopping 'the pond'.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the card. I look forward to seeing your painting of the pond.

Avril Brand said...

Beautiful card, Tammy! Nothing is more special than the gift you create!! Have a merry and blessed Christmas and may wonderful things await you in the new year!

Rose DesRochers said...

Tammy. you painted this? Wow, it's beautiful!

Tammy said...

Thank you and a Merry Christmas to you.

Yes, I did, and thank you for the Wow. I wish you a Merry Christmas.
My card for last year is my profile picture.

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