Monday, October 20, 2008

That overwhelmed feeling

Have you felt overwhelmed and that you didn't have time for anything? That's how I have been feeling for a month and a half now. I probably wouldn't have time for art except that I take it to work with me and work on it while I'm on my lunch hour. I get this way once in awhile and it is hard to shake. It seems to happen any time there are changes in my life. The most recent change is a change in my schedule at work. I used to work 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm, however due to changes in the scheduling I needed to open up the hours I am available in order to get my hours. So now I am available from 12:30 pm to 11:00 pm. Since I don't sleep well, due to night sweats, I sleep as late as possible in the morning, this leaves me feeling rushed to get ready for work. I just need to adjust but it seems to be taking too long this time.

Anyway, this is part the reason that I have not been here much and why I haven't been visiting you all at your blogs lately, well, that and internet issues.

Hopefully, I'll be seeing you all more regularly soon. Until then, take care.


Gran said...

I'm glad you posted, and happy you stopped by my blog. Take care of yourself. Those night sweats are no joke.

Ching Ya said...

In fact I have that feeling most of the time. I felt there's so many things to do, yet so little time.. Time management is very important, and we all need some time for ourselves. Yes, I also use my free hrs during work to do some of my own editting/blogging, 'cause usually at night I'm worn out!

Anyhow, do take great care of yourself. Because nothing is more important than health. God bless you & family always.

Tammy said...

Using your free time at work for blogs is a good idea, unfortunately I don't have that option, or I would definitely would be doing that.

Eventually, I'll get things worked out.

Rose DesRochers said...

Tammy I know that feeling. I feel so bad that I have not dropped by.

Tammy said...

Don't feel bad, Rose. I know that you have a full plate right now.

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