Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do You Wii?

My sister has a Wii and we had so much fun together bowling on it that mom decided I needed one. I have always loved video games, after all they came out in my generation, but I have to say that I haven't had as much fun with one as I have had with this one. What a great idea, play games and get some exercise at the same time. We love the Wii sports that came with our Wii. Of course my boyfriend seems to beat me most of the time, but I am improving. We did get a couple of games that were on sale that you can sit and play. I can't wait for my stepson to come visit. He doesn't know that we have it.

So do you Wii?


Gran said...

I wii with my grandchildren sometimes. My grandchildren never fail to beat me. Even the 5 year-old. But it's fun!

Tammy said...

Hi Gran.
Although it is always nice to win a game, the fun is in the playing. When my boys were young we had a nintendo and then a play station. They always did better at every game than I did. That worked out though because if I got to a part of a game that I couldn't get through I would just get one of them to do it for me.

Rose DesRochers said...

I Wii and I have a Wii fit. You have to try out the Wii fit.

Tammy said...

Hi Rose.

I want to get the Wii fit, it's on my wish list. I am getting a little more exercise with the Wii though. We play golf and/or bowling almost everyday, in fact yesterday was the first day that we didn't. So I'm up and moving. I know that is doing something because to start with I had some sore muscles.

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