Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hard Times

I quit watching the news, it seems that everyday they are reporting about more businesses closing or laying off, more jobs lost. My son has been out of work for awhile, luckily my daughter in law still has her job. My sister lives in Wyoming, she works at an auto body repair shop at a car dealership. She tells me that business has dropped enough that they are only working 4 days a week now. No one has the money to even meet deductibles.

So far I feel fairly secure in my job, the company's response to lower sales has been to cut hours but at least I am still working.

I sincerely hope that the President and Congress can come up with a solution that will fix the situation, but I know that anything they come up with will take awhile to work. I hope that people can hold on to what they have while we wait for a solution to take affect.

In the meantime, we cut down on what we spend, and buy only what we need.

How are you weathering this economy?


Rose said...

Two stores just closed down here too. I think we are all gonna feel it in the end.

Tammy said...

Hi Rose,

I don't see an end in sight but I am hopeful/

Gran said...

I'm doing okay so far, but things are tough for many people in Washington State. People are scared and trying to save money.

Tammy said...

I think that's the norm everywhere, Gran.
We are seeing more theft in the store I work at. People are buying the essentials but more and more they are stealing the non-essentials.

Wayne said...

Our income has been halved since my better half has been laid off from the mortgage industry 1.5 years ago. We've managed to scrape by for all that time, but it's getting even harder now.

We are now staring back at the eyes of foreclosure...we're not there yet, we've still made all our payments on time, but we can feel it bearing down on us.

We've entered a state of 'do nothing that costs money', and I'm ready to start eating Marchan noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I'm ready to strap myself to my house if it gets really bad.

See you all on the 5 o'clock news someday. Hopefully it won't come to that though.

Scary times, just hope the banks don't go Nationalized, that will really screw things least, if they stay Nationalized, things WILL get screwed up.

Fingers crossed, and working my butt off!

Gran said...

That's sad, Tammy, and scary for you in the store.

Tammy said...

Wayne, I hope things turn around for you soon. Nobody should have to loose their home.

Avril Brand said...

All we have is hope.. and if we can possibly find any silver lining in the storm clouds, let it be that people go back to being kind, caring and thoughtful because that costs nothing.

In the 'old days' in Ireland, people created their own entertainment... they visited one another, played cards, told stories and shared whatever they had with one another. When money took over the race was on and people forgot one another in their endeavors to make more more. Time raced along too, children were spoiled with money in hand (which is never a good thing as it is the children who will find it hardest to cope with less 'things').

My heart goes out to those who lost their jobs and are living from day to day with very little. I can only hope that my hubby keeps his job because heaven knows what will happen to us.

My best wishes and hopes for everyone in this terrible time - may it pass quickly and let us also use it to visit our neighbours, enjoy our families , share our crusts, tell stories and teach our children to use their imaginations again.

Tammy said...

What a nice sentiment, Avril. Maybe, just maybe, people will learn to help each other again.

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