Saturday, September 6, 2008

Are you a chameleon?

I had a friend that was a chameleon, what I mean by this is that she would change herself to fit in with who ever she was hanging out with, especially men. When she was interested in a man she suddenly became interested in what ever his interests were. She would change herself to be the person that the man wanted. Since the person that she portrayed wasn't who she really was, her relationships didn't last long, and when the relationship was over so was her new interest. At one point I tried to point this out to her but she didn't listen. Over the years we have grown apart and both moved. I often wonder about her and if she finally found happiness with who she is.

Are you a chameleon? Do you change yourself to fit in with others?


Gran said...

Not me, I've known too many women who would order the same meal as their beloved, in order to get a ring on their finger. Then, they would wonder why they got divorced a few years later when they longed for, then went back to, their own likes and dislikes. To be fair, I've seen men do the same thing, but more women.

Rose said...

Not me, though I know a young woman who does.

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